Blockchain Education Alliance

A network of industry leaders committed to driving blockchain innovation by supporting education, research, and entrepreneurship at universities and beyond.

About us

Want to inspire a new generation to choose privacy, autonomy, decentralization, ownership and security as a mindset and philosophy? 

We’re inviting administrators, researchers, policy makers, enterprise and industry professionals to work collectively to ensure students receive the skills, connections, and knowledge necessary to contribute to the blockchain ecosystem. Join the Blockchain Education Alliance today to help influence and shape the future of blockchain education.


UC Blockchain Initiative

Providing support for blockchain-focused education, research, and entrepreneurship at:

MouseBelt University Program

A community of students, researchers, and professors from 68 universities worldwide.

See our university site for more information.

Here are some ways we are already helping university students.

Blockchain Education Initiative launches at California universities

Blockchain Education Initiative launches at California universities

Being a member of the BEA is your opportunity to...

  • Participate with industry leaders in developing educational initiatives to accelerate adoption
  • Attend BEA meet-ups, face-to-face meetings, hackathons, and more to support collaboration.
  • Learn, observe, and participate in technical working groups as we pioneer for the betterment of all industries and society.
  • Receive training and resources to further your knowledge of blockchain.
  • Engage with researchers to develop new use-cases that will address specific challenges within your industry.

To start your membership process please complete the membership application. Your application will be reviewed by the BEA membership team, and an email will be sent to you from DocuSign containing the relevant documents you and your company will need to review and execute. Upon receiving a signed Membership Agreement, the BEA will process your membership, which will take approximately 2-3 business days.